Thursday, August 23, 2007

Zevalin Is Sold

As many of you know, Biogen Idec has been attempting to sell Zevalin. Last week, Cell Therapeutics Inc. (CTI) announced that it has purchased the drug.

CTI is a small company which has no approved products to date. However, it is developing a drug called Pixantrone which, from what I have read, can be substituted for the drug in CHOP and ESHAPE which can cause heart damage. Apparently the company felt that Zevalin would be an additional lymphoma drug in its portfolio, and certainly one that it can begin selling immediately.

I doubt the purchase will have any affect on patients whatsoever.

What will affect patients is the reimbursement problems that both Zevalin and Bexxar face. Several of you have responded to the past two entries regarding that issue, and I want to thank those of you who have joined the fight to save these drugs. Indeed, there is strength in numbers - so if you haven’t yet sent your comments to CMS, please consider taking the time to do so. This is one instance in which your voice really does count.


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White Cats said...

Betsy, I have transformed Follicular Lymphoma, relapsed from a PBSCT in NE, had chemo again and now on maintenanace Rituxan. PET in Jan. My counts vary. What about RIT for me. Dr. says depends on counts. Blah, blah. Running out of options. Lena